October 19, 2013

Her Sad Eyes

Sad upon her eyes left her face in a forlorn frown. 
Where, tears once existed, patched in salt upon her cheeks. 
Not a word was spoke, from lips that no longer wish to speak. 
As a world of billowy clouds, surround a plummeting, sundown. 
While a fresh blue moon grazes within her saddened eyes. 
A bounty lay upon her heart for a love wandering in a world of lost. 
In a life that lingers upon the doors to loves rift within a heartless frost. 
Reaching out to a darken night, forbidden to the stars within her skies. 
From a world of rubble buried upon her soul for a man that she does miss. 
Her dormant eyes laced within the brackish descent of clear-eyed tears. 
Now tells the complete sad tale of her heart from eyes that can only leer. 
As her eyes rest heavily, for one last time on her lips for that final kiss. 

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