September 07, 2013

That post went Controversial

This is one of the best random and the most debated   snaps I ever took.

One of my earliest photos after buying a digi cam and later edited using photoscape. Now, this was just a sudden click during a visit to the Victoria Memorial with my parents, more than three years ago. I didn’t even take a proper look at the camera screen until I returned home. I took the decision of uploading it in my facebook account which was very new then. But who knew that the decision would make me unpopular among friends.
Things started to worsen when one of my classmates claimed to have seen this same image in google, however with the name of a different photographer inserted in it. Although he failed to provide any proof, but his words drew the attention of a lot of other classmates, and soon I was renamed as “photo chor” among many.
The next big thing took place when I shared this photo in a facebook page. People are right when they say that photos and poems should not be shared in public facebook pages. But people new in the social world hardly pay any ear to that. The post got less likes and more comments, comments stating that this is a stolen photo from google image. I have seen this image being uploaded by others with my logo being replaced by theirs ( the © symbol was inserted later on ).
I am obviously not the best photographer in town, neither am I the best photographer of my age. But the events related to this single photograph made me what I’m today, a better photographer than I ever imagined to be. It taught me the lesson that people will make it sure to criticize and create stories unless you earn yourself a degree, unless they physically notice you doing your job. And lastly, made me understand that the work was close to those you find in google images

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